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Committed to Excellence

The management team at Vehi-Ship, LLC offers over 75 years of combined vehicle shipping and logistic experience in the following areas of new and re-marketing vehicles:

  • Vehicle logistics
  • DOT safety and compliance
  • Driver training and recruiting
  • Yard management and auditing
  • OEM loading and vehicle handling practices (drive-away)
  • Electronic Data Transfer & Invoicing
  • Supervisory to Senior management experience

Our Drivers Make the Difference

Our drivers are the core of our business. We are very proud to say Vehi-Ship drivers are the most professional and safest in the business. Without them we could not provide the level of service our customers demand. Our screening and training process is second to none!

Safety, proper vehicle handling and professionalism are the foundation of Vehi-Ship, LLC!

Targeting Your Needs

Providing quality drive-away service to the automotive industry. Our staff of professional drivers are fully trained to deliver new, off-lease, program and privately owned vehicles safely and on time.

OEM new vehicle delivery-from plants, mixing centers and rail-heads

  • EDI capability
  • Adhering to OEM standards
  • Contractual, spot buys and emergency lift anywhere in the country

Off lease, buy-back and auction vehicles

  • Dealership and residential pick-up

Program vehicles (rental returns)

  • Delivery to auction / mixing centers
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Inventory control

Vehicle storage/marshalling

  • In-gate, out-gate electronic transmissions
  • Vehicle inspections

Lease Returns

  • Vehicle Collection
  • Condition Reporting

When Duty Calls

One key advantage of Vehi-Ship, LLC Drive-Away service is the ability to mobilize and react on very short notice.

If your customers experience a spike in business virtually anywhere in the country, Vehi-Ship can react and be onsite within hours to just a few days in most cases.

Regardless if it’s permanent or temporary business, Vehi-Ship will be ready when you are.


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